Speaker John Boehner (OH) This issue has been around far too long . . . A comprehensive approach is long overdue, and I'm confident that the president, myself and others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all – November 8 Wall Street Journal

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA) Staffer: We understand that we can't keep kicking this can down the road . . . We're going to address the 11 million people – November 8
Wall Street Journal

Sen. Susan Collins
(ME) I think it's very obvious that our party needs to take major steps to improve its outreach . . . to Latino voters, and I believe that we should start with the Dream Act – November 17
Los Angeles Times

Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT) Everything ought to be on the table . . . There are a lot of very important legal considerations that have to be made, but I've always been empathetic towards resolving this problem one way or the other – November 13
The Hill

Sean Hannity If some [unauthorized immigrants] have criminal records you can send' em home but if people are here, law-abiding, participating, four years, their kids are born here . . . first secure the border, pathway to citizenship . . . then it's done. But you can't let the problem continue – November 6 The Sean Hannity Show

Charles Krauthammer For the party in general . . . the problem is hardly structural. It requires but a single policy change: Border fence plus amnesty. Yes, amnesty – November 8 Washington Post

Rep. Raul Labrador (ID) We can't keep punting the ball for the next Congress to fix this issue . . . I'm trying to get the conservatives here in the House to work on this issue, to find a solution to the immigration problem – November 15
East Idaho News

Gov. Susana Martinez
(NM) I'd like to be part of the [immigration reform] discussion because I lived on the border all my life – November 16
Fox News Latino

Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA) We have to realize: We're not going to deport 12 million people . . . It's just not going to happen – November 19

Rep. Devin Nunes (CA) You have to deal with children brought here under no fault of their own. You have to deal with people here who are here just to find work. You have to have a process that everyone goes through – November 8

Sen. Rand Paul (KY) I want to show what conservatives would or can accept . . . If they're willing to work, willing to pay taxes, I think we need to normalize those who are here – November 13
Rep. Ted Poe (TX) Our immigration system is broken. A decades-long problem does not get fixed with a bumper-sticker solution. A permanent fix must include a workable and reasonable approach that sets clear guidelines for high-skilled labor and day labor [and] for the so-called DREAM generation – November 16 Politico

Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) I certainly believe that portions of immigration reform can be dealt with quicker than others but my hope is that for the good of this country we will deal with the issue – December 5
ABC News