Are you fighting an unworkable immigration measure in your state legislature? Are you working with lawmakers to craft an alternative? ImmigrationWorks USA can help.

In the past four years, ImmigrationWorks has collaborated with employers in 22 states to beat back bad immigration bills, promote good ideas and negotiate with lawmakers to improve must-pass measures. Every state is unique, every debate plays out differently. But over the years, we have developed an arsenal of tactics and strategies and learned some hard lessons about what does and does not work.

The IW legal advisory committee includes some of the best immigration lawyers in the country. Members have served at USCIS, ICE, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Labor. Together, they bring a wealth of experience with policymaking and litigating immigration in the states. The team is available for consultations with lawmakers and business coalitions – to review pending legislation, point out provisions that will not stand up in court, help craft alternative measures and more.

Dan Brown Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy

Lynden Melmed Berry Appleman & Leiden*

Louis Moffa Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads

Bob Sakaniwa American Immigration Lawyers Association

Leon Sequeira Seyfarth Shaw

Patrick Shen Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen and Loewy

Greg Siskind Siskind Susser/VisaLaw International

Anthony Weigel Weigel Law Office LLC

* Chair


IW prepared a packet of resources for the 2012 state legislative sessions.
North Carolina talking points 2012
Alternative enforcement bills
Resolutions calling on Congress to act
Essential worker pilot programs