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ImmigrationWorks USA is a national organization advancing immigration reform that works for all Americans – employers, workers and citizens. Its twin goals: to educate the public about the benefits of immigration and build a mainstream grassroots constituency in favor of better law – business owners and others from across America willing to speak out and demand an overhaul.

The organization links 25 state-based business coalitions: employers and trade associations from Florida to Oregon and from every sector of the economy that relies on immigrant workers. Made up primarily of small business owners known and trusted in their communities, these coalitions are ideally positioned to make the case for immigration reform, explaining how immigrant workers help sustain the economy and will play a critical part in the nation’s economic recovery.

ImmigrationWorks coordinates and supports these groups as they fight for better immigration law in Washington and in the states. The ultimate goal: to create the political space for lawmakers to once again consider an immigration overhaul that brings America’s annual legal intake of foreign workers more realistically into line with the country’s labor needs.