Leading Republican pollster Glen Bolger finds enduring support for reform

Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070, put immigration back on the front burner, and Americans of all political persuasions are reconsidering their attitudes. Do immigrants help or hurt the United States? Do they help or hurt the economy? Does it make a difference if they are skilled or unskilled, legal or illegal? And what exactly do voters want Congress to do about immigration – if reform, what kind of reform?

Leading Republican pollster, Glen Bolger, partner and cofounder of Public Opinion Strategies, went into the field to ask just two weeks after passage of the Arizona law.

The new poll surveys attitudes of Republican, Democrat and, perhaps most important, independent voters. Whether or not Congress decides to tackle immigration this year, the findings paint a fresh, nuanced portrait of American attitudes.

ImmigrationWorks partnered with the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, Americans for Immigration Reform, the National Restaurant Association and the American Council on International Personnel to produce the poll.

Poll results

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Key findings - Republican voters