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In June 2015, ImmigrationWorks USA released a poll assessing the public’s views of legal immigration, including a visa program for less-skilled immigrants working in physically demanding, year-round jobs. The poll revealed that many Americans harbor misconceptions about immigration – many believe that most or all immigrants are unauthorized. But once these misconceptions are dispelled, the poll found, voters have a positive view of legal immigration. The majority believe there is a need for legal immigrants and support a visa program for immigrants who do physically demanding work. 




In June 2014, ImmigrationWorks recruited 11 CEOs of brand-name national and regional companies to sign a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to act on immigration reform. The message: business leaders need a workable visa program for less-skilled immigrant workers. Signatories included the CEOs of Cargill, Coca-Cola, Tyson Foods, McDonald’s, Exelon, Loews Hotels, Choice Hotels, CKE Restaurants and Medicalodges. The letter was sent to all 435 House members and excerpted in a full-page ad in Politico




In November 2014, the White House issued a plan to address immigration – a 10-point executive action that, among other provisions, would suspend deportation orders for up to 4.5 million unauthorized immigrants. ImmigrationWorks USA issued a statement on the administration’s plan, and IW president Tamar Jacoby offered her reaction in several nationally published op-eds as well as radio and television interviews.




In February 2014, ImmigrationWorks USA cosponsored a forum in Raleigh with Rep. Renee Ellmers and a dozen of her North Carolina constituents, who described how immigration reform would affect them and their communities. Participants included a diverse group of faith leaders and employers who hire immigrants, high-skilled and low-skilled – spokesmen for Cisco, Caterpillar, Golden Corral, the NC Episcopal Diocese and a local Catholic diocese, among others.




As debate intensified in the House, ImmigrationWorks continued its series of small off-the-record dinners bringing together business leaders and members of Congress on the front lines of the debate about immigration. Among the lawmakers who have attended dinners: Sens. Michael Bennet and Mike Lee and Reps. Raul Labrador and Ted Poe. Business attendees have included executives from Washington trade associations and national corporations as well as business leaders from the members' home districts.



During the 2013 August recess, ImmigrationWorks recruited a dozen employers nationwide to publish op-ed pieces in their local newspapers. The topic: why they hire immigrant workers and what they need from immigration reform. Signatories included the president of the New Mexico Chile Association, a Colorado hotelier and the vice president of a large Texas construction firm. Together, the pieces reached more than 1.9 million readers in districts represented by lawmakers whose support will be needed to pass reform in the House.





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