ImmigrationWorks’ fourth annual summit, held in Seattle on August 11 and 12, brought together 150 employers who rely on immigrant workers for a packed day of panels, speeches and strategy sessions. Mostly small to medium-sized business owners, participants came from as far away as New York and New Mexico and from every economic sector that hires immigrants – high-tech, the service sector, agriculture and seasonal businesses. The program featured three keynote speakers: U.S. Representative Rick Larsen (D-WA), veteran political journalist Morton Kondracke and high-tech entrepreneur and scholar Vivek Wadhwa. Two other standout sessions: a conversation among pro-immigration business advocates from across the country and a panel of employers who depend on immigrant workers – small business owners who know and can explain better than anyone how immigrant workers keep U.S. businesses running and contributing to a dynamic, competitive economy.

Summit debrief