In July 2011, ImmigrationWorks issued a new report, Another Round, on immigration lawmaking in the states. With Congress still unable to act on immigration, legislators across the country continue to take matters into their own hands, and in 2011, ten states from the Southeast to the Rockies enacted tough enforcement measures, mandating E-Verify for some or all employers or empowering local police to ask people about their immigration status. Not all the news from the states is bad: in many places, business leaders and pragmatic Republicans sought more balanced approaches. But the red tide of enforcement continued to spread across the map, particularly in the Southeast, where every state but Arkansas now requires E-Verify for some or all employers. IW’s report includes a comprehensive overview of the new laws passed in 2011, the political climate in the states and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s 2007 employer sanctions law.