With members of Congress at home in their districts during August and early September, employers and employer representatives in the ImmigrationWorks network made their voices heard, publishing op-ed pieces in their local and regional newspapers. The message: Congress needs to act now on immigration reform, delivering the legal workforce employers need to grow their businesses and contribute to the economy. Combined, the articles reached 1.9 million readers.

Albuquerque Journal, 9-15-13
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9-12-13
Arizona Republic, 9-25-13
Galveston Daily News, 9-19-13
Houston Chronicle, 9-19-13
Las Cruces Sun-News, 9-8-13
San Antonio Express-News, 8-30-13
Silver City Sun-News, 9-8-13
Vail Daily, 9-6-13
Waco Tribune-Herald, 8-20-13
White Mountain Independent, 9-6-13
Williamson County Sun, 9-22-13

In fall 2012, as Congress turned its attention back to immigration reform, ImmigrationWorks worked with farmers to publish a series of op-ed pieces. Growers across the country raised their voices – calling on lawmakers to come together around a labor fix for agriculture. Among those who signed op-eds, a blueberry farmer in Mississippi, an onion farmer in Texas and a tobacco grower in North Carolina.
Austin American-Statesman 11-12-12
Jackson Clarion-Ledger 11-11-12
Las Cruces Sun-News 12-18-12
North Carolina News & Observer 11-25-12
San Antonio Express 11-18-12
San Jose Mercury News 12-26-12
Silver City Sun-News 12-18-12
Wayne County, MS News 11-1-12
Yuma, Arizona Sun 12-2-12

In July 2012, ImmigrationWorks collaborated with the Bloomberg Partnership for a New American Economy and the Progressive States Network to facilitate a series of op-ed pieces signed by business owners and progressive state lawmakers. The message: rather than trying to drive immigrants away with harsh enforcement-only policies, states and local communities should welcome immigrants as engines of economic growth.
Dallas Morning News 7-1-12
Las Cruces Sun News 7-1-12


Employers in IW's network regularly speak out in state and national media.
CNN A patchwork of state immigration laws 6-10-12
Birmingham Business Journal We need an immigration policy that fills high- and low-tech jobs 5-16-12
Orlando Sentinel Immigration reform a battle of extremes 2-20-12
Florida Restaurant and Lodging Magazine
Florida wise to think before acting on immigration 2-20-12
Orlando Sentinel
Leave immigration reform to the feds 12-18-11

In spring 2010, IW's state-based affiliates published op-ed pieces reacting to the framework for comprehensive immigration reform by Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham. Their message: business supports comprehensive reform – and any reform worthy of the name must provide adequate visas for future workers. 
Colorado Business Magazine 5-6-10
The Wenatchee World 5-4-10
AgWeek.com 4-21-10
Arizona Capitol Times 4-12-10
The Houston Chronicle 4-11-10
Albuquerque Journal 4-11-10
Las Cruces Sun-News 4-11-10
ILW.com 4-8-10
The Oregonian 3-29-10