In June 2013, ImmigrationWorks cosponsored an event with the New America Foundation, IMMIGRATION REFORM: BIPARTISANSHIP'S IMPROBABLE POSTER CHILD. Two leading supporters of reform, one Democrat and one Republican, came together to discuss the surprising bipartisanship that has marked this year's debate about immigration and what it will take to keep this spirit alive in coming months as reform moves beyond the Senate and into the House. 

MODERATOR Andrés Martinez Vice president and editorial director, New America Foundation

"We hear a lot about how Washington is broken and nothing gets done. Yet this year we've seen great progress on immigration, one of the more difficult issues in recent years. A lot of people are pointing to immigration as the one exception to the gridlock in DC."
Tamar Jacoby President, ImmigrationWorks USA
"There's a compromise on every page of the Senate bill. A humane, practical answer for 11 million unauthorized immigrants is balanced by tough-minded determination to secure the border. And the nation's traditional commitment to family-based immigration is balanced by recognition of our growing need for foreign workers, skilled and unskilled."
Simon Rosenberg President, NDN
"There are some provisions of the Senate immigration bill that I don't like – I would have liked the path to citizenship be less arduous for example. But all the compromises are understandable. The Democrats didn't accept things they didn't get something in return for. Everybody got something and everybody gave something."