In spring and summer 2013, ImmigrationWorks held a series of educational briefings for congressional staffers. Participants included employers and employer representatives from across the industries that rely on immigrant workers: executives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association, Associated Builders and Contractors and an array of employers from beyond the beltway. Among the topics discussed: high-skilled immigration, low-skilled immigration, needed fixes to the agricultural worker visa program, E-Verify and the business perspective on legalization for unauthorized immigrants. Small and medium-sized business owners explained how they need immigrant workers to keep their businesses open and contributing to the economy. More than 200 congressional staffers, Democrat and Republican, attended briefings.
Business representatives discuss E-Verify June 2013
Business reacts to House and Senate immigration reform proposals May 2013
Panels of employers discuss the economic benefits of immigration  March 2013
Business representatives brief staffers on immigrants and the economy January and March 2013