October 11, 2013


Business Roundtable calls on Congress to address immigration reform
October 2, 2013

The Business Roundtable issued a statement calling on Congress and the administration to resolve their differences over budget issues and turn their attention to immigration reform. The Business Roundtable is made up of CEOs of leading U.S. companies. Together, they generate $7.3 trillion in annual revenue and employ 16 million workers. BRT chairman Greg Brown, CEO of Motorola Solutions, explained the group’s position: “Business Roundtable believes fixing our broken immigration system is still critically important to America’s long-term growth” . . . read more

California farmers and farm workers launch letter-writing campaign
October 4, 2013

Farmers and farm worker advocates in the San Joaquin Valley are partnering on a letter-writing campaign to persuade Rep. Kevin McCarthy to support reform. The presidents of the Nisei Farmers League and United Farm Workers announced the campaign, which they expect to generate 10,000 letters. Their message: California’s $43 billion agriculture sector relies on immigrant workers . . .  read more

Chicago business coalition joins rally for immigration reform
October 3, 2013

Chicago business representatives partnered with faith leaders and immigration rights groups at a rally outside Rep. Dan Lipinski’s office. Members of the Illinois Business and Immigration Coalition spoke about the economic benefits of immigration. Entrepreneur John Atkinson: “[Passing reform is not just] the right thing, but the smart thing . . . it brings in younger workers, making our economy more broad-based and stable” . . .  read more


Texas Business Leadership Council holds forum on immigration policy
October 2, 2013

The Texas Business Leadership Council held a forum in San Antonio on the economic consequences of U.S. immigration policy. Featured speakers included a senior vice president of IBC Bank and Texas Immigration Solution CEO Brad Bailey. Bailey’s message: “The simple math is we’ll have a shortage of workers . . . we’re the Titanic coming up on that iceberg.” Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin also spoke at the roundtable . . . read more


Time ripe for sweeping immigration reform
Bradenton Herald editorial
October 9, 2013

“Agriculture is one of Manatee County’s economic mainstays alongside tourism. The worker shortage is acute in other states as well, and Congress should treat this issue with urgency. A guest worker program that allows foreigners to legally enter the United States for certain vital jobs is essential” . . . read more

Comprehensive immigration reform is essential; but not at the expense of American jobs and competitiveness
By Ajay Banga, MasterCard CEO
The Hill
September 30, 2013

“High-skilled workers play a major role in the U.S. economy today. They work for our biggest job creators, are often entrepreneurs themselves and are directly contributing to the innovative companies that will employ Americans for generations to come. Until the U.S. can produce sufficient numbers of skilled professionals domestically, the reality is that talent must be sourced from around the globe so our companies can continue to compete successfully on the global stage” . . . read more

Keep pressing on immigration fix
Roanoke Times editorial
October 6, 2013

“Businesses seeking workers at all skill levels are eager to see progress on visas for highly skilled, highly educated workers, particularly engineers and scientists, as well as broader employer sponsorships. There is a bipartisan appetite for solutions . . . Businesses and the country as a whole will benefit from fair and workable reforms. It’s a goal worth [Rep.] Goodlatte’s continued efforts” . . . read more

Lift the H-1B cap: an immigration fix we can agree on
By Adam Lewis, Apploi CEO
Daily Caller
October 8, 2013

“Lifting the annual cap on H-1B work visas for foreign nationals is a simple, demand-driven proposal that has enjoyed bipartisan support through the tortuous immigration battles fought in Washington this year. It would create jobs and generate tax revenues at a time when economic growth is badly needed. Congress should dispense with the theatrics of the current bid for comprehensive immigration reform, and instead work on piecemeal legislation to put more of the world’s talent to work for America” . . . read more