November 1, 2013


Business owners participate in center-right lobbying blitz
October 29, 2013

More than 600 center-right advocates traveled to Washington to urge Congress to act on immigration reform. Sponsors included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, FWD.us and the Partnership for a New American Economy led by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, Rupert Murdoch and Bill Marriott Jr.

Who participated: business owners, evangelical ministers, law enforcement, local elected officials and other conservatives from 40 states. They held meetings with nearly 150 lawmakers, primarily House Republicans, and made the case for a broad immigration overhaul, including legal status for 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

U.S. Chamber senior vice president for immigration and labor issues Randel Johnson: “Our fly-in today is about moving votes on the Hill in support of reasonable immigration reform. I’m confident we’re going to move the ball forward” . . . read more

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H-2B employers travel to Washington to meet with lawmakers
October 29, 2013
Nearly 50 employers who hire seasonal temporary workers on H-2B visas came to Washington to ask Congress to block pending changes in H-2B regulations. Participants met with more than 50 House and Senate offices. Among the industries represented: landscaping, forestry and outdoor amusement parks . . . read more

American Farm Bureau Federation releases three videos
October 28, 2013

The American Farm Bureau Federation released three short videos featuring farmers who rely on immigrant workers. The three growers: a Pennsylvania mushroom farmer, a South Carolina peach grower and an Oregon blueberry farmer. Peach grower Chalmers Carr: “Immigration reform right now is well overdue. We have needed it for over 12 years . . . and right now it is paramount for my industry” . . . read more


Investing in our immigrants a plus for New Jersey
By Samia Bahsoun, co-owner of S2 Associates and member of the New Jersey Main Street Alliance steering committee
Star Ledger
October 31, 2013

“Immigrants don’t just create businesses; we also support and grow them. Immigrants bring new languages, new ideas, new cultures and new markets. Immigrant businesses generate more than $6 billion in annual state revenue. It’s time to modernize our immigration laws and welcome these new Americans so they too can help build our economy with dignity as full members of our communities” . . . read more