A new radio spot in defense of the immigration bill
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Many people think the immigration bill is an effort by business
owners to get cheap labor. The fact is, business owners are looking
for any labor, period. With unemployment very low and our economy
running strong, businesses need immigrant workers to keep operating.

"And what if the immigrant workers all left the country tomorrow?
Many of these businesses would have to shut their doors - simple as
that. And to make matters worse, millions of native-born Americans,
who also work for these companies, would lose their jobs, too.

"Immigrant workers are good for our economy. And new provisions in
the immigration law are providing billions in additional border
security measures, and giving businesses more tools to help enforce
immigration laws.

"Call your senators and congressional representatives today. Tell
them you want to protect American businesses, protect American jobs.
And ask for their support on the immigration bill."