Economics 101

Time-bound labor access to the United States: A four-way win for the middle class, low-skill workers, border security and migrants, Center for Global Development Read more

Luxury, necessity and anachronistic workers: Does the United States need unskilled immigrant labor? Frank Bean, Susan Brown et al. Read more

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Economic effects of immigration reform

Adding skilled labor to America's melting pot would heat up economic growth, Standard and Poor's Ratings Services   Read more

Immigration reform, economic growth and the fiscal challenge American Action Forum Read more

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Profiles of the immigrant workforce

Hispanic employment in construction Center for Construction Research and Training  Read more

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Reports from the states

A profile of immigrants in Arkansas Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Read more

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Effects on wages and welfare

Poor immigrants use public benefits at a lower rate than poor native-born citizens, CATO Institute  Read more

The disparity between immigrant workers and unemployed natives, Rob Paral & Associates, Immigration Policy Center  Read more

The impact of immigration on native workers: A fresh look at the evidence, Julie Murray, Jeanne Batalova, Michael Fix, Migration Policy Institute  Read more

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Visa categories

Demand for H-1B immigrant workers in U.S. metropolitan area, Brookings  Read more

Prosperous immigrants, prosperous Americans, Marshall Fitz, Center for American Progress  Read more

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