“What part of ‘legal’ don’t you understand?” In April, 2008, ImmigrationWorks and a Who’s Who of Arizona business teamed up to shift the focus of the state immigration debate from problem to solution.

It began with an op-ed piece. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the Phoenix and Tucson Chambers, the Arizona Farm Bureau, the Western Growers Association and half a dozen other trade groups representing hotels, restaurants, contractors, landscapers and agricultural employers co-signed a statement in the Arizona Republic endorsing an Arizona-only temporary worker program that would provide the state with the labor it needs to prosper and grow.

Then, in mid-month, the coaltion launched a website,, where Arizona employers and others could make their voices heard, endorsing the temporary worker program and donating $25 toward an economic study of the state's labor needs.

"Let’s change the conversation," the website says. "Let’s point the way to an answer that works."


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